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Advertising Programs

Conroe Today offers a variety of online advertising opportunities for your business, helping reach a broad site audience or specifically targeted segments thereof.

Ad Types

Graphic Banner Ads

Banner ads are available in a variety of sizes and placement options and may be static (jpg or gif) or animated (gif). Conroe Today follows the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Interactive Marketing Unit (IMU) standard ad formats.

Multi-Media Ads / Rich Media Ads

Conroe Today offers animation, visual effects, even video, through the use of Flash ads. Flash enables the creation of attention-grabbing advertisements, limited only by your imagination.

Text Ads

Text ads have become a standard form of advertising on the web. The advantages text ads on Conroe Today include:

  • Very Low cost
  • Quick and easy to post or edit
  • May help boost major search engine relevance
Ad Sizes and Placement

Page Placement

The most common placements of ads on site pages are shown on the Ad Positions Page.

Ad Sizes

Conroe Today follows the Interactive Advertising Bureau's standard Interactive Marketing Unit (IMU) ad formats. For the specific sizes available on the site, please visit the Ad Specs Page.

Run of Site

Ads may be randomly displayed throughout the site for each size and type of ad.

Targeted Ads

Ads may be targeted to specific pages and categories of information for each size and type of ad. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Contact us today for more information.

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