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Dynamic Websites

Conroe Today also provides dynamic Web site software for local businesses and organizations. These sites can be maintained without technical skills. Our website management software can produce all kinds of corporate websites, publications, and special purpose sites.

Unique to our software, these sites can seamlessly share content and information with the Conroe Today site in real-time. When you post to your site you can post to the community portal at the same time. No duplication of effort, no cut and paste email, and no faxes.

The sites can have their own domain names. Almost any custom design (look & feel) can be applied to the site, by your designer or someone we recommend.

Benefits and Features

Site graphics and page design characteristics can be quickly setup without technical expertise. Graphic artists can upload logos and pictures using only a browser. Skilled Web page designers can quickly create unique site designs and modify site page templates to desired requirements.

Our sites can include a variety of ebusiness and content management applications. Password controlled site administration is 100% browser based; no client side software is required. Authorized site administrators are permitted to access only the site design and content management applications designated by management.

Site Administrators can publish information on the site without technical or web page design skills. Additional pages can easily be created in real-time, and even be designated as password protected for viewing. Work-in-progress is supported and date sensitive content is automatically removed from the site.

To make all this happen, we use DynaBiz™, DynaPortal Software's innovative website authoring software.

Contact us today for more information on how our website solutions can help your organization or business.

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