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We receive a significant number of payments each week. These are processed by our accounting department, not by our sales representatives.

In order for accounting to apply your payment properly and in a timely manner, please use the form below to describe your payment.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Step One - enter payment amount
Payment Amount: $
Step Two - choose the appropriate transaction type
Transaction Type One: Initial Payments on Advertising Contracts:
Contract #:
The advertising contract is the agreement you recently executed with your sales representive. Contract numbers are numeric only (example: 30833).
Your Company/Org. Name:
Sales Rep. Name:
Transaction Type Two: Installment Payments for Existing Advertising Contracts:
Invoice #:
Invoices are sent by our accounting department. Invoice numbers are alpha-numberic (example: Feb08-567).
Step Three - choose payment type
Credit Card Paypal / eCheck

(Payment Options / Checkout)

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