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Aesthetic Gardens
Botany Encyclopedia
Includes a botanical dictionary, advice for gardeners, and a store selling plants.
Burger's Houston Gardening Resource
Burpee Seed Company
An appealing and informative website by the Burpee seed company. You can browse their entire catalog and order seeds online!
Garden Web
Gardening Houston
Houston Rose
The Houston Rose Society website.
Irrigation Network
Landscape Web
Lawn Institute
North American Rock Garden Society
Good collection of links to more than just rock gardens
Old World Gazebos
Ornamental Horticulture for Houston and the Gulf Coast Area
A public service website dedicated to helping ornamental gardeners in the warmer climates along the Gulf Coast and the Houston, TX area learn more about all aspects of ornamental horticulture.
Ornamental Horticulture for the Houston Area
A local site with lots of pictures, plant recommendations, and in-depth information about gardening in this area. Emphasis on tropicals, with good section on bonsai.
Professional Lawn Care Association of America
Lawn care links and more
Snapper Mowers
Toro Mowers
Yardcare by Toro
Everything about lawn grass care.

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