Popular Air Conditioning Myths You Need To Stop Believing

By: TCS A/C and Heating | Published 06/01/2022


It might be surprising that what you have believed about your AC for a long time is just myths.

Scamming happens in many ways. And one of the ways you are being scammed is by believing in AC myths that might sound logical and true but are wrong in reality. You are going to be ripped off of your money, and no one is going to blink an eye. It’s because many service providers make claims, backing them up with some expert’s name, all of it so that consumers can spend their money on these useless facts. Hence, before hiring someone for a job on your HVAC, make sure that the job is legitimate and if your air conditioner really needs it or not.

Living in Conroe, Texas, you must know how to save yourself from such ways that might force you to waste your money.

Here are some common myths about your home AC you need to stop believing.

The Bigger, The Better:
It's a common misconception that getting a bigger AC for your home or building is better because it will take less time to cool and provide more cooling. In reality, you couldn't be more wrong. Getting a bigger AC will cost you, both in the initial purchase as well as the energy consumption. A more oversized air conditioner requires more power to run, but as your home does not need that excess cooling, all that is happening in the wastage of electricity. Sure, Conroe, Texas is hot, but a bigger AC that your home does not need won’t help you much.

Less Energy Consumption With Smaller AC:
Some people might think that getting a more undersized AC will cost less in regards to energy consumption. All that would achieve is putting more load on your AC to compensate for a bigger area. Let’s make this clear once and for all; when you buy an AC, you need to make proper calculations to ensure that the air conditioner you are buying is the right size for the building. If you can do that, hire an expert or HVAC technician or even an AC repairer to make these calculations for you.

Repairs Can Be Delayed:
Upon discovering some fault with the AC, some users think that repair can be delayed as long as the AC is still in working condition. The problem is, doing that will worsen the problem, and instead of a small repair. you might have to pay for the bigger ones or, in extreme cases, buy a new AC altogether.

Initial Price Is the Deciding Factor:
To many people, it might be. After all, not everyone earns enough to buy such appliances without worrying about putting strain on their budget. Here is the thing, though; AC is a type of appliance that will constantly cost you utility bills, repair, and maintenance. All of these things can cost you much more in the long run if you make a wrong choice. So rather than looking at the price of the AC itself, ask about its features. Learn how much maintenance it requires, its efficiency rate, how much it can cost to repair or replace a component of it, etc., and then make your decision.

Changing Filters Is Not Necessary If The home Is Vacuumed Daily:
It may sound stupid, but some people do believe in that. But regularly vacuuming your home is not going to remove all the dust from your home all the time. And if you have a furry companion, changing filters becomes more urgent. U.S. Department of Energy and various other experts recommend changing or clean filters regularly, more so if you have a pet or if your home is located in the region where dust storms are common. Storms are a common phenomenon in Conroe, Texas, and with that, dust will be present in your home no matter what you do.

Fans Help In Cooling:
Fans only circulate the air that is in the room. If it is hot, fans will blow hot air; if it's cold, then cold air will be circulated. But when running AC, it's best to turn off all the fans to achieve faster cooling. The fans will only hinder the AC, not help it.

Thermostat Should Be Kept At Low To Achieve More Cooling:
All that is going to achieve is unnecessarily high cooling bills.

Leaving Everything To AC Repair Company Is Best:
Well, we are not saying that leaving everything to an AC repair company will harm you. We're trying to say here that before hiring such services, you have to make sure that the job you are hiring them for is legitimate. For example, if your AC is not running, please check the switches and thermostat before you hurry to call someone. Similarly, when you have hired a company to do the job, make sure to educate yourself on the problem itself, the prevention measures, and their deals and discounts.

Why Choose TCS AC & Heating?
TCS AC & Heating is one of the best and most reliable AC repair companies in Conroe, Texas. The services provided are of top quality, and our employees are among the best professionals you might ever meet. Living in Conroe, Texas, your best choice for your AC repair, maintenance, and replacement is TCS AC & Heating.

Always do your due diligence before choosing an air-con repair service company. Shop around online, make phone calls, get estimates and referrals, and then choose the best one.

At TCS AC & Heating, we met all these four requirements. If you have any air conditioning repair or installation needs in Conroe, Montgomery, and Willis, just give us a call.

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