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Posted Apr 28, 2022
Job Description

Purpose: To perform all tasks according to Kids 'R' Kids policies and procedures and child care regulatory agencies and to provide a warm, nurturing, safe and loving environment, which supports the Mission Statement of Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
{ Arrive on time in appropriate attire
{ Be familiar with and stay current on state child care regulations, local and federal regulatory agencies, Kids 'R' Kids policies and procedures, and maintain compliance with all
{ Comply with federally mandated universal precautions and infection control guidelines and procedures
{ Direct all questions about the center concerning policy and procedures, federal, state, and local regulatory agencies to the Franchisee, Director, or Assistant Director
{ Know the procedures for fire and weather-related emergencies
{ Know procedures for the care of an injured or ill child
{ Be aware of children with allergies
{ Know child/staff ratio for your group of children
{ Use the telephone in your classroom if you need assistance or have questions. (NEVER LEAVE YOUR CLASS OUT OF RATIO)
{ Greet each child and parent as they enter the classroom
{ Establish and maintain good communication with parents
{ Begin a Daily Report for each child as they arrive
{ Keep Infant Information Sheets up to date (see your Director for center policy)
{ Check all belongings of each child to ensure they are labeled with the child's first and last name
{ Take attendance daily. Always take attendance sheet (Classroom Log) with you on the playground
{ Be ready and willing to discuss an infant's or toddler's progress or any concerns a parent may express
{ Direct parents to front desk if medication is to be administered
{ Follow daily schedule for meal and snack time for toddlers
{ Follow daily schedule for outside play time
{ Be knowledgeable of playground safety
{ Be attentive and responsive to infant's/toddler's needs
{ Work with each child to accomplish developmental milestones. Make lesson plans accordingly
{ Request supplies needed for your class 7 days in advance
{ Observe, record, and report infant/toddler development
{ Keep decorations in your classroom up to date
{ Display children's work in your classroom
{ Follow the Steps for Diapering each time you change a child's diaper or assist with toilet training. (ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES)

{ Follow the recommendations on the Cleaning Chart to properly sanitize and disinfect your classroom and
{ Crib/mat sheets and blankets should be changed once daily or more often if needed
{ Keep Franchisee, Director, or Assistant Director informed of needed structure or equipment repairs
{ Follow the Kids 'R' Kids Discipline Policy. (NO CHILD WILL BE PLACED IN CRIBS, HIGH CHAIRS,
{ Report and document any infant's or toddler's unusual behavior to Franchisee, Director, or Assistant Director
{ Report and document any staff member seen using verbal, physical, or sexual abuse, or neglecting a child to the Franchisee, Director, or Assistant Director. (NEVER SHAKE OR ROCK CRIBS)
{ Report and document any suspected child abuse whether verbal, physical, sexual, or neglect to the
Franchisee, Director, or Assistant Director
{ Follow the Kids 'R' Kids Policy concerning the time a child may remain in any equipment. (NO LONGER THAN 30 MINUTES, UNLESS SLEEPING IN A CRIB)
{ Follow the Kids 'R' Kids Policy for bottle-feeding. (NEVER PROP A BOTTLE)
{ Send Boo-Boo and Oh-No reports to the front desk prior to the parent's arrival
{ Children should be engaged in an activity while awaiting their parent's arrival
{ Have children's personal items and Daily Report ready at the end of each day
{ Greet each parent as they arrive to pick up their child
{ Give Sunshine reports to parents along with Daily Reports
{ Release children to authorized persons only

Skills Required

{ Meet the minimum requirements set by the state child care regulatory agency for the position of Infant/Toddler care provider
{ Demonstrate the following qualities: self-motivation, self-direction, patience, ability to make good judgments, creativity, reliability, and dependability
{ Provide all medical records, abuse clearance, criminal records check, fingerprint clearance, high school diploma, training certificates, and any other forms or information required by the child care regulatory agency or this school
{ Physical constraints required include the ability to hear the conversational voice, with or without a hearing aid, to see and read newsprint with or without corrective lenses, to speak and be understood under normal circumstances. Have the ability to lift a 15-30 pound child frequently throughout the day for reassurance, cuddling and diaper changing; lift supplies weighing up to 50 pounds frequently throughout the day; have use of arms, hands, legs, and feet with or without corrective devices to accomplish the job. Have the ability to move quickly from child to child as needs arise
{ Demonstrate the ability to handle crisis situations, especially where children are involved and to respond immediately to any emergency situation, including evacuation of the building
{ Be willing to participate in continuing education as required by the child care regulatory agency
{ Maintain certification in CPR and First Aid Training

Job Type: Full-time


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Job Types(s):   Childcare

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Job Location(s):   Conroe / Lake Conroe

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Phone:  9367035804

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