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Posted Sep 02, 2022
Job Description

Provides education and training in academic and non-academic courses for Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled (IDD) clients. Create lesson plans; assemble materials to be presented; presents materials to clients individually or in group settings; completes documentation and reports, testing and instruction. Performs specific duties related to the care of clients including attending to the physical needs of clients, communicates with classroom assistant in a professional manner regarding lessons and activities; and participates in staff development activities and required training. Needs to be innovative and creative in the form of continuous improvements in specified program. Exhibits high levels of time management, organizational skills/detail oriented. Exhibit professionalism and commitment through punctuality and attendance.


· Maintain Bridgewood Farms client confidentiality- No client information leaves the premises unless approved by the Administrator

· Must possess a professional appearance, positive attitude, flexibility and adaptable for change

· Must possess oral and written skills to communicate with IDD clients, their families, customers, visitors, vendors and Bridgewood Farms Board of Directors

· Ability to work independently and as a team member

· Attend and successfully complete all mandatory staff training and certification (SAMA &CPR/First Aid)

· Have knowledge of or know where to locate all current client information (Special Needs Training Binder located in each classroom)

· Plan and prepare weekly lessons

· Turn in weekly lesson plans to the Administrator every Friday

· Inform classroom assistant on weekly lesson/special instructions; allow classroom assistant to help with lesson plans and classroom ideas

· Teach informative and class appropriate lessons to clients

· Monitor all instruction and assist clients with appropriate methodologies

· Keep classroom supplied, clean, and organized

· Check mailbox daily (Located in Admin building)

· Responsible for weekly documentation on Home and Community based Services (HCS) client’s

· Must complete goal training and documentation for HCS agency clients

· Monitor clients in the hallways during class changes and make sure all clients are in the correct classes

· Check classroom schedules every class period and take attendance

· Contact Administrator with any staff or client issues- Ask questions or get clarification when needed

· Be on time and/or call in as directed if necessary or submit leave request to the Administrator if you know in advance you need to be out

· Promote a harmonious work environment- Be professional and keep the lines of communication open

· Monitor and assist clients during assigned morning and/or afternoon duties

· Assist and monitor clients during assigned lunch & break duties

· Clean lunchroom with clients on assigned day(s)

· Turn in correct and completed time sheet each pay period (pay periods are every other Friday)

· Other duties as assigned

· Reports to Administrator



Job Categories

Job Types(s):   Teaching / Training

Industry(s):   Nonprofit / Social Service

Employment Type:   Employee - Full Time

Job Location(s):   Conroe / Lake Conroe

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