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City of Conroe Police Department - Criminal Investigations Division
    Address/Contact Info
700 Old Montgomery Road
Conroe,   TX   77301

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  Phone:  936 522-3231  
  Fax: 936 522-3378  
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The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is a section of the City of Conroe Police Department that is charged with the mission of investigating and providing follow-up investigations for various cases.

The CID is further subdivided into specialized squads that investigate violations of the Texas State Law.  These specialized squads include: 

  • Crimes Against Persons

The unit is under the supervision of the Sergeant of Detectives and investigates homicides, sexual assaults, robberies, domestic violence, telephone harassment, and many other cases

  • Property Crimes

Investigates cases of burglary, theft, non-injury hit-and-run accidents, tresspassing, and other property crimes

  • Fraud Squad

Investigates cases of forgery, credit/debit card abuse, Identity Theft, Internet fraud, embezzlement, and other types of fraud cases

  • Juvenile Section

Investigates all  types of crimes committed by, or against, children under the age of seventeen. This unit works closely with the Montgomery County Juvenile Probation Department, Children's Protective Service (CPS), 

Cases of child abuse or neglect that are reported to CPS are referred to the Juvenile Secion for follow-up investigation.

  • Narcotics and Vice

Investigates cases related to the illegal trafficking of drugs/narcotics, prescription forgeries, illegal gambling and prostitution, and all gang related activities.

The members of this division welcome interaction and coorperation with the Conroe, TX community. They are available for presentations to community groups by contacting them at 936-522-3303.

  • Auto Theft

This unit if part of  the Auto Theft Task Force that is a joint task force that consists of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department, the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Grimes County Sheriff's Department, and the Montgomery County Fire Marshal's Office.

This joint task force investigate cases involving the theft of all vehicle types, the traffickin of stolen parts, "chop shops", and the inspection of salvage yards.

The unit can be contact at 936-760-5847

  • Cime Scene Unit

This unit is highly technical with specilization in the processing of crime scenes through the use of evidence collection and foresic analysis and documentation.

This unit frequently assists other agencies that include neighboring sheriff's departments, municipal police departments, the FBI, DEA, Texas Rangers, and Department of Public Safety.

  • Crime Victim Liasian

This unit works closely with victims of volent crimes. Crime Victim Liasians ensure that victimes are aware of their rights afforded to them under the state law of Texas, of the procedures to apply for protective orders, of procedures to apply for crime victim compensation, and of referral services available to them. The crime victim liasians assist investigators in the interview of victims of sexual assault and juvenile victims of crime.



Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

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