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The Volunteer Program at Children's Safe Harbor

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About Us

The Volunteer Program at Children's Safe Harbor is designed to offer volunteers a variety of positive opportunities to advocate for children who are victims of sexual and/or severe physical abuse.  The Volunteer program at CSH offers ongoing professional development opportunities, education and training and an increased awareness of the multi-disciplinary team approach to child abuse.  Our program is designed to provide the volunteer with the unique opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child victim, either through direct service to that child and their family, or through a variety of support tasks designed to assist the CSH staff and other professionals who utilize our facility for the investigation and prosecution of crimes against children.  Our program is organized into two teams of volunteers- the Family Services Team, who work one-on-one with the children and families that come to CSH, and the Multi-disciplinary Support Team, who work to assis the professionals working each case.  Our program also provides many opportunities for our volunteers to participate in research endeavors, internships, group projects and special events.  There are many benefits to volunteering at Children's Safe Harbor.

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