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  • Monday - Saturday: 8:00am - 6:00pm
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Animal adoption and rescue serving The Woodlands, TX and surrounding areas.

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About Us

Operation Pets Alive (OPA) is a non-profit, 501(c)3 animal welfare organization based in Montgomery County, TX.   We are an all volunteer organization and do not have a shelter.   We exist because there is a need.  We are ABLE to operate because of donations and the dedication and hard work of our volunteers, fosters, business partners and our adopters.  All are people just like you.  If you are retired, a student, an empty-nester or a "weekend volunteer wanna-be" or anyone in between all of that --- WE NEED YOU !!!!   Girl Scout, Boy Scout, School groups - contact us to see how you can get involved !!!

OPA is working to reduce shelter intake and increase live release of animals through our flagship programs:

  • Targeted spay-and-neuter for large dogs;
  • transports of long-term Shelter dogs to organizations in Northern states via the P.E.T.S. truck or by Cloud Nine’s small plane for Flight for Life;
  • Foster/Adoption programs, and
  • Trap-Neuter-Return for feral cats.



 Operation Pets Alive adoption events are hosted almost every weekend at either

  • Petco 10864 Kuykendahl Rd, The Woodlands, TX next to Trader Joe’s
  • or
  • PetsMart -1488 @ FM 2978 The Woodlands, Texas near Target
  • PetsMart - 1488 @ FM2978 - 4th Saturday each month - CATAPALOOZA - come meet lots of cats !!!!



Operation Pets Alive is always seeking foster families for cats or dogs.  We are the voice for our area homeless cats and dogs - they need us.  Dogs and Cats thrive in a home environment while waiting for their forever home ..... what a difference you can make.  Please give fostering a try.  We have a great group of seasoned fosters that would love to talk to you to guide you through the process.



Get started : Can you consider fostering a dog for just 2 weeks? 

We have great transport programs PUPS on TRUCKS and FLIGHT FOR LIFE  where long term dogs are pulled from our local shelter and then after 14 days are transported to the northeast where they are generally adopted up there within 1-3 weeks.  If you could consider opening your home to these dogs for those 14 days (from the time they are pulled from shelter to the time they load the transport truck) we promise that you will be changed forever and you can know you helped save the life of a healthy dog that deserved to live and be happy.  All vet expenses are paid and food and other supplies can be provided if needed.    Take a look at a video of one of the FLIGHT FOR LIFE preparations ... http://operationpetsalive.org/programs-cloud-nine-rescue.php


SPONSOR a long-term shelter dog

'FLIGHT FOR LIFE' or 'PUPS on TRUCKS' long-term shelter dog

$250 (any donation amount is appreciated)

donate online:  http://www.operationpetsalive.org/donate.php 

indicate Flight for Life or Pups on Trucks in memo line



Website: www.operationpetsalive.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OPATexas

Etsy: www.operationpetsalive.etsy.com'

Twitter: www.twitter.com/OPAtweeters

AMAZON wish list - http://amzn.com/w/VWT61AYN0ZBS

Donate any amount online :  http://www.operationpetsalive.org/donate.php

Wish List : (scroll to bottom)  http://www.operationpetsalive.org/donate.php

Donate any amount by mail:  Operation Pets Alive, P.O. Box 132104, The Woodlands, TX 77393


'LIKE' our facebook page  


We post regular 'everyday' stories,  event info, training links, internet humor ..... and last but not least the heart warming adoption updates - local and transport adoptions from the northeast.  



OPA has a cat TNR (trap-neuter-return) program.   If you would like to get involved in helping cats, give us a call.   Help break the cycle of unwanted litters.  San Antonio and Austin are among the many cities around the country that are working toward a 'no-kill' status.   Let us join their lead.   In lay terms that means the supply is less than the demand.  Right now shelters are forced to euthanize perfectly healthy dogs and cats because there are just too many.    Putting food down for a stray cat you find is just the beginning - take it to the next level and get help for the colony of cats to get spayed and neutered.   STOP THE REPRODUCTION.  IT WORKS.    Learn more about TNR at www.alleycat.org.  Operation Pets Alive is committed, listening and helping. 

We also need donations for this important ongoing project.  Donate today if you can.  Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated.   

http://www.operationpetsalive.org/donate.php  indicate CAT-TNR in memo line



Operation Pets Alive has a lot of ways you can volunteer with us - Many people always think that FOSTERING is the only way we need help and sometimes they feel they "can't handle"  fostering - - - that's ok - we all have our gifts to give.  We have a A TON of alternate, fulfilling volunteer opportunities.   You know the phrase 'it takes a village' ..... well ......... yep ....... it does !!!

  • clerical
  • computer wizardry
  • get involved with fundraising - new ideas are ALWAYS welcome !!!!
  • telephone work
  • online updates on many different websites
  • photography (still photos or videos or slideshows or maintaining all of that)
  • baking or cooking for some of our fundraising events
  • community outreach (schools and businesses)
  • set up and take down of local adoptions (tents, table, chairs, fans, cages etc)
  • assisting with TRAP - NEUTER - RELEASE cat program
  • grooming, excercising, interacting with boarded dogs or cats
  • picking up and delivering donated items from PETCO
  • bring a boarded dog or cat to your home for a weekend of one on one
  • cleaning cages of OPA cats/dogs at PETCO and partnering VET
  • crafting items for events and ETSY shop and much more.   
  • Volunteer by simply spreading the word about OPA - like us and share us on facebook, pin us on pinterest, tweet about us on twitter, and post on instagram !!!
  • Spontaneous help at adoption events! Walking dogs, watering, clean up, etc
  • You see ~~ there is alot to do ~~ are you surprised at the list?
  • send us an email, let’s start talking. 

FUNDRAISING IDEAS - anything that strikes your interest ?

  • Casual Friday at work?  The business charges their employees to dress casual and then the proceeds are donated to a charitable group - let it be us
  • Scouts - sell some fresh baked dog cookies/treats or lemonade ..... fun right? 
  • Have guests bring dog and cat items to your next party instead of gifts, things like food, liter, treats, toys, balls, frisbees, leashes, beds, collars, food dishes, and more ! Donate Donate Donate
  • Pledge a percentage of proceeds from sales from your business
  • Host a fundraising event
  • LIKE - SHARE - TWEET - PIN about OPA ----  someone you know may want to help out locally or donate time/money to help the critters. 
  • what is your suggestion?  Send us your comments so we can add them here.


  • OPA Etsy shop – www.operationpetsalive.etsy.com (handmade items made by OUR own volunteers 100% ges straight to OPA) fantastic gift items human and pet themed
  • BARK BOX – www.BarkBox.com promo code OPABBX1 – Get $10 off subscription & support OPA
  • AMAZON SMILE – choose Operation Pets Alive! – Amazon will donate 0.5% o every purchase to OPA when you shop through Amazon Smile.  It all adds up !!!!
  • WOOFTRAX – Go for a walk or run and earn money for OPA – download the app, select Operation Pets Alive – get moving !
  • KROGER – Choose Operation Pets Alive – www.KrogerCommunityRewards.com – Link your Kroger rewards card to OPA
  • OPA COIN BANKS – look for them around The Woodlands area – generally located near the registers at various restaurants and shops !!!  CASH goes STRAIGHT to OPA
  • JURY DUTY – choose Operation Pets Alive – Jurors in Montgomery County can choose 1 of 10 selected rescues for their jury duty payment to go to  – OPA is one of them !!!
  • ACTION WEAR PLUS – www.actionwearplus.com – embroider your dog or cat collar with a name and phone number for $15 and $5 of each sale is donated back to OPA !!!  -- Provide your own collar as the $15 is for embroidery only !
  • DO YOU TRAVEL? - www.adoptashelter.com - Select Operation Pets Alive - SHOP NOW - select one of participating vendors - hotels, online reservation sites, car rentals even SKYMALL !
  • DO YOU SHOP ONLINE? - www.adoptasheltercom - Select Operation Pets Alive - SHOP NOW - be amazed at the everyday common online sites are available to shop and benefit OPA !
  • BRIDAL REGISTERY? -www.adoptashelter.com - Select Operation Pets Alive - get married and let your gifts help benefit OPA by shopping through the site.

Come talk to us in person at one of our events - we would love the conversation..... and think it would be cool if you came to hang out with us.   The dogs and cats would be happy you stopped by too!!!



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