Fudge manufacturer to premiere on QVC shopping network

By: Conroe Today Staff
| Published 08/20/2012


CONROE, Texas — Big Little Fudge was never a small idea. From the very beginning partners Robin Strickland and Kevin Graham decided to do things in a big way. And it seems they’ve hit the big time with a premiere appearance on the QVC home shopping network August 24. For six to eight minutes of a two-hour segment between the hours of 3 - 5 p.m. CST, Big Little Fudge will showcase their claim to fame - their small bite of fudge with the big taste.

Big Litte Fudge to showcase their little bite of fudge on the big market.

The QVC segment titled, “Gourmet Holiday,” will feature unique, individually-owned businesses that have differentiated themselves from competitive companies. Big Little Fudge met the QVC criteria with their use of premium, quality ingredients, and a melt-in-your-mouth fudge recipe. The companies selected for this high-visibility show have a limited amount of time to promote their product nationally, using the program as a springboard to take their business to the next level.

Big Little Fudge, which is manufactured in Montgomery, Texas, is not only sold in The Woodlands at Hubbell & Hudson, and Berings in Houston, but also the Central Market chain throughout Texas, and online with upscale department stores like Neiman-Marcus. They’ve recently started shipping the product across state lines but are thinking bigger - like distributing their fudge nation-wide.

When asked if Big Little Fudge would be capable of supplying the demand that national television exposure could generate, Strickland said, “We most certainly are. We make small bites of fudge, but we can do it on a big scale. We have the capability of producing 2,000 pounds of fudge daily.”

No stranger to big operations, Strickland and Graham previously formed Veriforce, which provided compliance tracking systems for pipeline operators and contractors throughout the United States. After successfully seeing that organization to fruition, they sold it to take on another new challenge. The transition from pipeline tracking compliance to making fudge is difficult to comprehend, but when asked, Strickland replied, “Experience working with government regulations regarding the pipeline industry, enabled us to tackle the Food & Drug Administration guidelines effectively, enabling us to bring our product to market quickly.”

The ‘Fudge Factor’ is their big competitive advantage though. “Our Fudge Factor is to produce a small bite of fudge with a big taste,” Strickland said.

The big taste results from packing the small bite with a lot of flavor and crunch, which includes the following nuts: almonds, peanuts, pecans, and walnuts. Other ingredients include cranberries, coconut, marshmallows, toffee, as well as pure chocolate liquor, caramel, and a whole lot more, in a dozen different fudge varieties.

With a fan list that includes many celebrities, Big Little Fudge is already achieving acclaim, but the QVC network has a proven track record for catapulting products into celebrity status.

In the true Texas tradition of doing things in a big way, Big Little Fudge will be hitting the big time. If you haven’t sampled Big Little Fudge, tune in or set your DVR for QVC on Friday, August 24, for “Gourmet Holiday,” between the hours of 3 - 5 p.m. CST, and watch for the six to eight minute segment featuring Big Little Fudge. Place your order by phone or through the QVC website to get the special television promotion. The little fudge with the big taste will be offered at a special price during the two-hour program.

Big Little Fudge has a store front in Montgomery, Texas, for walk-in sales. For more information call 888-543-8343, or view the Big Little Fudge website.