Helping homeschoolers: The Woodlands LearningRx offers programs to strengthen cognitive skills

Published 06/04/2014


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – There are several ways The Woodlands LearningRx can help homeschoolers, the brain-training center’s owner and director, Kim Bellini, explained.

First, the center’s educational assessment is a useful way to compare children with others the same age.

“This information can be used to adjust the current curriculum,” Bellini said. “The assessment also gauges how well the student is mastering specific learning goals.”

She said that mastering school subjects is not the only way to ensure a proper education. Teachers must also work on cognitive skills, she explained. They are an essential part of the brain’s toolbox, used for building a structure for effective learning.

“Students also need to build the cognitive skills that help them better understand math and language,” Bellini said. “Regular tests often fail to tell why a student is behind in certain areas or how to go about fixing the problem.”

If a student has recurring difficulties in certain subjects or a general difficulty like attention issues, Bellini said there may be underlying weak cognitive skills.

“A mental skills assessment is the first step to get to the root of the problem,” she said.

Once these problem areas are identified, The Woodlands LearningRx custom tailors a one-on-one training program that uses unique exercises to strengthen the weak areas.

“Our courses are a great supplement to what students are learning at home or in school,” Bellini said. “Our goal is to equip each student with the skills they need to learn their best and unlock their true potential.”

To learn more, contact The Woodlands LearningRx at (832) 482-3082 or visit the link provided below.