Woodworking Camp due to the generosity of Home Depot

By: Jennifer Kramer
| Published 08/06/2014


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas -- Lone Star College-Montgomery’s Discovery College is building children’s minds—literally, after a successful week of Woodworking Camp! Part of the productivity is due, however, to the generosity of the Magnolia/West Woodlands Home Depot, which donated most of the supplies.

During the camp session, held July 28-July 31, the group of 7- to 10-year-olds hammered together their very own bird nests’ and wooden mobile kits, which included cars and airplanes. They each individualized them with finishing touches and paint. Keith Godfrey, the camp session instructor, led the students on the construction project.

Godfrey shopped for supplies before the camp, and Nick Walker, a merchandising manager at Home Depot (store #6819), helped him cut, haul, and load most of the materials. When it came time to pay, Walker generously donated most of the items, which included cut wood, nails, wood glue, and sandpaper—enough for 20 youngsters to have a lasting memory of camp and the generous donation from a local business.

“The object of this class was so the kids could come in and get basic woodworking 101 skills,” Godfrey said. “This is the very beginnings of woodworking so they could have step-by-step classroom instruction and an individualized project that they can take home at the end of the day. They all seemed perfectly happy with their projects in the end.”

LSC-Montgomery’s Discovery College provides opportunities for children to use their hands and expand their minds. This summer it offered 60 camp sessions specifically designed to engage children in key areas like science, technology, and engineering. Topics include math, geography, history, and more. For more information, visit the link provided.