Mp Studio Celebrates Merger Anniversary, Continued Success

Published 09/13/2014


HOUSTON – The interior design firm MP Studio recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of its merger with award-winning architectural firm Meeks + Partners.

Design director Shana Jacobs said she jumped at the opportunity to form a perfect partnership with the firm.

“Meeks + Partners has four decades of experience, creating some of the most innovative and captivating plans around,” she said. “With our combined skills, residential and commercial housing, clients have the opportunity for a one-stop shop for all of their design needs.”

Jacobs has more than a decade of experience herself – building a successful career designing exciting and comfortable spaces for single and multifamily builders and their clients.

While she started her career in architecture, Jacobs soon realized that interior architecture was her true passion. Jacobs pursued and obtained a bachelor's degree in interior design and went on to serve as a project manager for two of the country’s most reputable multifamily design firms. Eventually, she opened Jacobs Design Group, her own successful single-family housing design firm.

Jacobs then partnered with Brittany Meeks Biddle, who now serves as lead designer at MP Studio. With multifaceted experience in residential, hospitality and commercial design, Biddle received her bachelor’s in business administration from Belmont University and then her B.A. in interior design from O’More College of Design in Tennessee.

Biddle’s approach to design is rooted in exploration, striving to create a sense of place for clients that offers not only functionality, but serves as a source of inspiration. To ensure every detail is as intended, she typically oversees all phases of a project, from programming all the way through execution and installation.

Jacobs, an allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers, brings a strong architectural knowledge to the table, understanding the importance of working with the architect to unite the exterior and interior design.

MP Studio moved into its current location at 16000 Memorial Drive last year. “We renovated the space and made it into a full-service design studio,” Biddle said. “We also have an on-site materials library and accessory warehouse.”

Since Biddle and Jacobs began working together, their team has grown to a several-person design team, to accommodate growing business needs. With over 25 years of combined experience, MP Studio is now looking forward to a future full of design for single and multifamily projects nationwide.

“Good design is calculated and deliberate,” Jacobs said. “Our pledge is to deliver an exceptional product – and to provide top-quality service.”

She explained that the company joins projects in the early stages to establish a definitive understanding of clients’ goals and visions.

Don Meeks, president and CEO of Meeks + Partners, said he is glad to have the design team on board.

“We are an all-inclusive, multinational design firm,” he said. “Builders and developers alike will be able to look to us for an easy, collaborative experience where the entire project can be completed in-house. With no back and forth between different firms, our clients will save time and money – and gain innovative design alternatives.”

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