Mp Studio Current Project Takes Off in Plano

Published 10/14/2014


HOUSTON -- The Houston-based interior design firm MP Studio is currently tackling a project in Plano – creating the perfect clubhouse.

Houston designers get creative with Bella Vida clubhouse renovation

The team of designers are working on the renovation of the 12,000 sq. ft. multi-family clubhouse, Bella Vida. The project is slated for completion in mid-October.

“We have been working on this for a little over a year,” design director Shana Jacobs said. “It is receiving a complete and exciting transformation – and becoming an updated and sophisticated space.”

She said that the main goal for the current renovation project was to bring it to present day.

“It was such a tired space, with forest green walls, drab drapery, Trompe-l'œil murals throughout and heavy fixtures,” Jacobs said. “We are transforming the space to give it a contemporary, airy feel, with fresh finishes, lighter wood tones and modern art.”

She explained that for this and other projects, the designers consider location and demographics to determine the direction they will take.

“We approach each project with a fresh eye,” Jacobs said. “We also try to incorporate new and innovative products -- whether with a green approach or simply to show the latest and greatest.”

She explained that members of the firm spend a great deal of time doing research and traveling to markets to stay in the know about the latest trends in design -- and the best products available for each project.

“MP Studio does tend to have a certain style that defines what we love,” Jacobs said. “We tend to lean more to transitional designs -- in a crisp way, enjoying a connection between on-trend items mixed with classic style.”

She said that the vision for a renovation sometimes evolves as the team works on the project.

“For instance, it may not start as a complete gut-job, but could end up to be one,” she said. “At first, we try to be as frugal for our client as possible, determining what can be salvaged and fit cohesively in the new design. Sometimes, by the end, the client is ready to replace the salvaged items, however, in favor of how wonderful the renovation looks.”

In the clubhouse project, MP Studios wanted to preserve the existing travertine flooring throughout.

“It would be so wasteful to rip it out,” Jacobs said. “And so far, so good. Our new scheme is beautiful with it, and we are pleased.”

Lead designer Brittany Biddle said that being associated with architectural firm Meeks + Partners is a tremendous advantage.

“We collaborate often -- with an easy back and forth relationship,” she said. “We definitely like to be brought in at the earliest possible phase. Our architecture firm understands this, and it saves them and the clients from the typical back and forth between the two firms, which costs everyone time and money.”

Biddle said this association allows all parties to collaborate from the beginning, creating a much more cohesive design in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

She explained that the design team typically approaches a project with a general direction in terms of style, design and color palette.

“Once approved, we offer a detailed presentation to our clients mapping out our entire vision,” Biddle said. “That being said, little changes occur along the way. However, the overall aesthetic tends to remain the same.”

She said it is important for a space to have an identity from start to completion.

“Of course a project evolves in terms of new ideas being brought to the table, but the identity of the project as a whole will adhere to what was set forth originally,” Biddle said.

She explained communicating with clients is key.

“Above all else, we value our relationships with our clients,” Biddle said. “We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere, where all voices are heard. We cherish our clients’ trust and make it our mission to approach projects efficiently and effectively so that time and budget are always accounted for.”

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