UPDATE: 25th annual EfTA SCI://TECH Exposition wraps up robotic competition

By: Conroe Today Staff
| Published 01/24/2015


UPDATE: January 31, 2015

The Education for Tomorrow Alliance (EfTA) 25th Annual SCI://TECH Exposition 2015 wraps up the two-week science event with the ever-popular robotics competition, Saturday, January 31. Hundreds of business professionals took the day off on Friday and participated in the CISD science fair for junior and senior high school students.


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas -- Do you know more than a seventh grader? Well, here’s your chance to find out. Education for Tomorrow Alliance (EfTA)is hosting their 25th Annual SCI://TECH Exposition 2015 in January and early February, which provides an opportunity for the business professionals to interact with local schools.

The science fair officially kicked off Friday night at Lone Star College - Montgomery, with the seventh and eighth grade science projects from the private school sector. Approximately 200 science projects were evaluated by judges from a diverse business community that included: the oil and gas industry, medical profession, electricity, education, and more.

“Twenty-five years ago Education for Tomorrow Alliance started with volunteers, and evolved as a result of the volunteers,” said EfTA President, Monica Bomkamp Enia. “We could never have provided the many EfTA opportunities for students without you.”

Over the twenty-five years the SCI://TECH Exposition has grown to over 5,000 participating students, and involves as many as 500 volunteers.

The private school science fair Friday night included (alphabetical order): Legacy Christian Preparatory Academy, Rubicon Academy, St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School, Sacred Heart Catholic School, The Woodlands Preparatory School, and Woodlands Christian Academy. The John Cooper School has a long tenure of participating in the CISD Science Fair, and will be exhibiting at the Lone Star Convention and Expo Center next weekend.

The CISD Junior and Senior High Science Fair will be at The Lone Star Convention and Expo Center on Friday, January 30, from 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Judges are still needed for the event.

Please visit the website link below for more information about the 25th Annual SCI://TECH Exposition 2015, and to register as a judge. Also obtain more information about the Education for Tomorrow Alliance and its other opportunities to work with the students at the same website link.

Other EfTA programs include Future Focus (formerly CHOICES), an in-classroom program of interactive projects facilitated by business professionals, and the Student Internship Program (SIP), a hands-on experience in the workplace of the students’ desired career field. Approximately fifty local companies participate in SIP annually.

The business community is encouraged to participate in the SCI://TECH Exposition and these other intrinsically rewarding programs for both the benefit of the students, and as an investment in the community’s future.

Also see EfTA seeking volunteers for the 25th Annual SCI://TECH Exposition.