Conroe Family Purchases Home with Program

By: Rhonda Young
| Published 04/30/2008


For some families a home is a sanctuary, a place to plant roots, make memories, or an opportunity to build equity.

For the Braswell family a home is all of these things and more. The birth of their daughter, Skyler, brought dramatic changes to their lives. She was born with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, which left her totally blind.

The new family made adjustments in their lifestyle to accommodate Skyler’s needs. It was decided that mom, Melody, would stay home. Living in an apartment with a visually impaired child is challenging. Much of what 2 year old Skyler learns is through listening.

While living in noisy apartments seems like a small nuisance, the noises distracted Skyler and slowed her development. Trevor, her dad said “the neighbor’s music, voices, and footsteps made therapy at home difficult for Skyler.”

They relocated several times trying to find somewhere that met their needs. Then they decided to buy a home. Melody said they needed a “consistent place to allow Skyler to develop.” With only one income they were concerned about how they would afford the large down payment and any closing costs. They also wanted to stay in the Conroe area so Skyler could remain in her current therapy programs. Melody researched and discovered Montgomery County’s first time homebuyers program and contacted Southeast Texas Housing (SETH.)

The Braswells received $14,500 for down payment and closing costs for their new home. The assistance money saved them $150/month on their mortgage payment. But equally important notes Melody, it allowed them access to “a dream they thought was out of their grasp.”

According to Trevor the SETH Homebuyer Education Class helped them select a home and mortgage that best suited their needs. Two months in their new home, their mortgage payment is actually lower than what they were paying in rent, but with more room and less noise. Skyler is learning to walk, a very difficult skill to master without sight. They were able to have their first floor completely laminated to allow Skyler more space to maneuver her walker.

A home gives Skyler a stable place to grow and develop, thus ensuring her future independence. Melody encourages other first time home buyers to use the program.

“We are grateful for the program and all the help we received. We would not have been able to purchase this home without it.” For information or to apply for this program, contact SETH at 281.484.4663 or