New Caney woman found guilty of animal cruelty in deaths of three horses

By: J. Werner
| Published 08/24/2015


Once again, Montgomery County has sounded the gavel against equine abuse, a second time in as many months. This second offense has found a New Caney woman guilty of five counts of animal cruelty, and convicted on all five counts by a Montgomery County jury.

Kimberly Ann Adams, 51, who has also used the following aliases...Kimberly Ann Luke, Kimberly Kucera, Kimberly Faust, K.A. Hefley, and Kimberly Hefley, was sentenced to a year in jail last week, for an animal neglect case that involved three dead horses.

On January 31, deputies with the Precinct 4 Constable's Office found two dead horses outside the barn at Adams' home, and one dead horse inside the barn. An arrest was made on February 12, and went before Montgomery County Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace James Metts. The hearing determined whether she retained ownership of her horses, or lose permanent ownership, per the request of the Montgomery County Attorney's Office.

This latest case was hailed as a victory by the grassroots organization, Justice for League Line Road horses Conroe,Texas, that was instrumental in rescuing over 200 emaciated horses in Conroe with a social media campaign that caught the media’s attention. Read about the previous case at UPDATE: Additional animal cruelty charges in the Conroe horse seizure case.

The social media group is off and running at a full gallop. The Facebook page by the same name Justice for League Line Road horses Conroe,Texas cites other cases they’ve championed, traveling across state lines as far as Colorado.

Their message is loud and clear. Horrific horse abuse cases like the Conroe and New Caney cases in Montgomery County, will be pursued until justice is served, and they won’t hesitate to step over the line.

An update on some of the Conroe horses confiscated by the Houston SPCA and currently undergoing rehabilitation by both the SPCA and Habitat for Horses…

A visitation to the Houston SPCA on August 5, showed a marked improvement in the health of the horses, due to essential veterinary and farrier care, and proper diet. On August 16, 20 mares who had improved significantly in health, were transferred to Habitat for Horses.

Eventually two large groups of the Conroe 200 horses will be transported to Colorado and Missouri to two different rescues locations: Harmony Equine Center (CO) and Longmeadow Rescue Ranch (MO). Only horses that are healthy in weight, and able to travel the distance, will be transported. In the meantime, continued financial support is needed for the rehabilitation effort. To aid the Houston SPCA with the mounting costs to treat, feed, and rehabilitate these horses, donations may be made directly to the Houston SPCA…

Houston SPCA
c/o Cinderella Horse Fund
900 Portway Drive
Houston, Texas 77024

Please include a note that you want the gift restricted to the care of these horses.

To make a online donation, go to:

Cinderella Fund.

For more information about the Houston SPCA and the Habitat for Horses. See related links