Where the love light gleams

By: J. Werner
| Published 09/08/2015


THE WOODLANDS, Texas - Twice a month the “Lovelighters” meet for lunch, entertainment, and camaraderie, and they’ve been doing so for over fifteen years. The first and third Tuesday of every month they meet in the church hall of St. Simon and Jude Catholic Church centrally located in The Woodlands at 26777 Glen Loch Drive.

Lovelighters meeting for socialization, lunch, and of course, bingo.

The group is non-denominational and open to all seniors in the community.The first Tuesday a meal is brought in and seniors eat for a nominal charge. The lunch money will also buy you a Bingo card. The third Tuesday members bring their lunch.

“I brought my mother here for years,” said Rich Jakovac, former director for The Woodlands Community Association. “They use to fill the room with over a hundred people. Now they’re down to two dozen to thirty attendees.”

It would appear that the love light is flickering out on the group, and although attrition may very well be a factor, members say some of their friends no longer come because they’re not driving anymore. Transportation is a critical need to get seniors to and from the luncheons, and they’re looking for a solution.

The event provides essential socialization, and the Bingo prizes donated by area grocery stores help the seniors with some groceries. This brings up the other essential need...the seniors would love to have a little more variety in entertainment. They enjoy Bingo, but would like to have entertainers drop by from time to time. Singers, dancers, magicians, are all welcome to use the Lovelighters luncheon as a dress rehearsal.

“During the holidays, maybe choir groups could come and sing Christmas carols,” suggested Jakovac.

The next meeting will be September 15. Members begin to congregate at 11:00 a.m.; lunch is served at noon. Members are reminded to bring their lunches for the next get-together. Anyone interested in entertaining the group, can drop by at this time and make arrangements for a future meeting. If chauffeuring a senior, bring another senior along.

“Make it Buddy Bingo. Everyone bring a buddy to Bingo,” said Jakovac.

The growth in Montgomery County would likely include more seniors. Seniors who need activity and socialization.

“This is a good thing they’re doing here. I saw how it helped my mother’s well-being. We just need to get more people interested in the program,” added Jakovac.

The Lovelighters extend an invitation for other seniors to attend. It is the concern of the members that in time, the love light will no longer gleam.