January is train your dog month

By: PR News
| Published 01/25/2016


January is National Train Your Dog Month and it’s no surprise that this awareness month falls when it does after so many dogs were welcomed into their new home around the holidays. Whether it’s a puppy or an older, adopted dog, every new owner will be faced with the challenges of training their new addition. However, it’s not as simple as “Sit” and “Stay,” if you want to truly create a comfortable and well-established dynamic between you, your family and fido.

“We humans have invited a completely different species, in that of our dogs, to live with us,” says expert animal behaviorist and dog trainer, Bryan Bailey. Dogs are a species that is governed by a thread created millions of years ago to safeguard the wolf in a very competitive and hostile world. This thread has diminished greatly under the persistent influence of man, yet the invisible thread of instinct has remained intact. This is why my methodology for training dogs is straight out of nature’s lesson plan.”

Focused on activating or deactivating the natural, wolf-like impulses and behaviors in our dogs that are needed to conform to our human existence, Bailey’s immediately available for interviews and commentary during which he can elaborate on:

  • His top tips for getting started with training a new dog
  • Specific tips for dog-related issues such as aggression towards dogs and/or humans, chewing, jumping, submissiveness, fear, etc.
  • Why it’s appropriate to think of your dog as a domestic wolf instead of a little human in a fur coat
  • Why dog aggression is on the rise and the importance of understanding that it cannot be trained out, bred out or medicated out
  • Why we must lead, or be led. Social predators don’t have a place for equality
  • The many different methodologies to dog training and how to find the right fit for your dog