New service to answer Social Security questions

By: PR Newswire
| Published 03/20/2016


TEXARKANA, Texas -, a website dedicated to Social Security education, announced the launch of a new service which will connect consumers directly with a Social Security expert. This service will help those who are planning for retirement to gain instant clarity for their specific Social Security questions and help them better understand all of their options.

"I recognized a big gap in the Social Security advice market. There were plenty of resources for those who want to maximize their filing strategy, but almost no help for someone who just wants to ask some questions or needed help solving a problem," said Devin Carroll, financial advisor and founder of "Consumers are faced with a daunting task if they are seeking out answers for their specific Social Security questions. Finding the right answers can be really difficult due to the nearly incomprehensible and seemingly contradictory rules. We hope that our service can help individuals cut through all the clutter and get a clear answer that is specific to their situation."

With this new service, individuals can speak directly to the owner of for a question and answer session. Most of these consultations will last for approximately 20 minutes. The cost is a flat fee of $49.

Social Security is more confusing today than it ever has been. Currently, the system boasts nearly 3,000 rules and has two websites with more than 108,000 pages.

Additionally, they have also been challenged by budget cuts. According to a Senate report, the agency has shut down 64 field offices since 2010. The growing number of rules and the decreasing amount of face-to-face assistance at the Social Security Administration makes quality information and advice more difficult than ever to obtain.

"I've talked to many individuals who have nearly given up in frustration and just accepted what they were being told - even if it didn't make sense," said Devin. "There's a lot riding on getting good answers to Social Security questions. Individuals do not need to let this complicated system get the best of them. There is help available."

The phone meeting with Devin can begin with a visit to his scheduling page at On this page, individuals will have direct access to the appointment schedule and be able to book their phone call for a convenient time.