Rains diminish, but rivers continue to rise

By: Office of County Judge Craig Doyal
| Published 04/18/2016


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas — Montgomery County Officials and the Office of Emergency Management warn that even though heavy rains have diminished, runoff and future rain will push some creeks and rivers to major flood stage tonight and tomorrow, threatening residents.

"Montgomery County motorists and residents need to remain vigilant and alert to the threats that we will face as these creeks and rivers continue to rise," said Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal.

The heaviest rain is believed to be behind us. The county will continue to see scattered showers today thru tomorrow with varying amounts.

But rivers and creeks continue to rise as expected due to the large amounts of rain seen across the state. As a result the Office of Emergency Management encourages all persons with interest along these waterways to keep alert and take all precautions to protect their property and lives. Our immediate concerns are along the following waterways, as the National Weather Service River Forecast Center forecasts them to reach flood stage:

  • East Fork of the San Jacinto New Caney- is forecast to crest at Major flood stage at 10:00pm Tuesday April 20th at 21.3 feet.
  • West Fork of the San Jacinto near Porter- is forecast to crest at Minor flood stage at 1:00pm Wednesday April 20th at 35 feet.
  • Peach Creek Near Splendora - is forecast to crest at Major Flood Stage at 4:00am Tuesday April 19th at 20.2 feet.
  • Spring Creek- is forecast to crest at Moderate Flood stage at 4:00am Wednesday April 20th at 101.9 feet.
  • Caney Creek at Splendora- is forecast to crest at Major Flood Stage at 4:00am Tuesday April 19th at 21.6 feet.

Many roads remain impassable. Persons are urged to stay away from the waterways until water levels recede. Motorists should avoid any water covered roads and find an alternate route. Livestock and equipment should remain out of the flood plain for the next few days. Please be cautious when driving especially at night. Your car can be swept off the road in as little as 1 foot of water. Do not go around barricades or road closures. Turn Around Don't Drown.

County officials, crews and first responders continue a state of readiness and response to keep our citizens safe. We encourage all to monitor our website www.mctxoem.org and other local media outlets for changing conditions.

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