The Simplified Income Tax Plan proposed by the House Ways and Means Committee

By: J. Werner
| Published 08/01/2016


CONROE, Texas - Imagine your income tax filing so simple you can do it on a postcard. The bloviated tax code could be trimmed down to fit on one side of a card with just fourteen blanks to fill out.

'We’re devising a tax filing system so simple and fair that it can fit on a postcard.'

That’s what the House Ways and Means Committee is proposing, and intends to have the bill written by the end of this year. Championing the cause is the committee Chairman, Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX), who presented the concept to the Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce at their July monthly luncheon last week.

“Growth is good, except for the tax code,” said Congressman Brady. “We’re devising a tax filing system so simple and fair that it can fit on a postcard.”

Congressman Brady describes the concept in detail in the following video…

The ‘Simplified Tax' Plan #ABetterWay

“When you earn a dollar, you can do three things with it. You can spend it, save it, invest it. We want to simplify and lower the tax code to make it easier for people to save and invest that money back into the local economy,” said Brady.

Brady explained that the simplified tax filing system is designed for growth. Growth in wages, jobs, and in the U.S. economy.

“We want to move people from welfare to work,” added Brady.

Brady provides details of the proposed process for simplifying the tax code…

The proposed process for simplifying the tax code

One of the added benefits of simplifying income tax is to downsize the IRS and per Brady, and break it into three units:

  • A business division for corporations and small businesses
  • A division for families and individuals
  • A small claims court so tax disputes can be resolved quickly and accurately

According to Brady, this would provide a government division that works in the best interests of taxpayers, contrary to the current organization’s culture that works against them, and at the same time, trim the federal budget.

The House Ways and Means Committee is targeting the end of the year to have the bill written. Brady said the best way to get the bill passed is for Americans to speak out. Send your comments to Congressman Brady’s office at 200 River Pointe Drive, Suite 304, Conroe, TX (77304-2814), or visit the website at Ways and Means Tax Policy.

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