Cinco De Mayo Road Rally Set for May 4

By: Barbara Frazier
| Published 04/22/2019


CONROE, TX -- It’s a Good Old-Fashioned Road Rally for a Good Cause!

A crazy way to explore Conroe and surrounding area

If “EXCITEMENT” is your middle name, it’s never too early to make plans for an exhilarating, mystifying, baffling and absolutely hair-raising event. So, grab your partner, shake off the summer doldrums and register today for the Caiden’s Hope Cinco de Mayo Road Rally.

You’ll definitely regret it if you miss out on this opportunity to spend the day with fellow fun lovers competing for great prizes by swooping around and through the Conroe area. When you arrive at B52 Brewery at the end of your route, you can get hand-crafted beverages, grab a bite from one of the food trucks, and find something you just can’t resist in the Silent Auction, while you wait for the Grand Prize Winner to be announced.

You will laugh! You might cry! You’ll most certainly have to backtrack a bit to find the answers to questions … And, you will definitely wonder if you will ever find civilization again! But you will have more fun than you’ve had in ages!

More importantly … YOU will help support families with babies in NICU!
This full afternoon of fun and slapstick confusion is devoted to raising funds for Caiden’s Hope Foundation to help families, many of whom are trying to care for their tiny infants who are barely clinging to life. Caiden is one of those preemies who successfully clung to life despite his doctor’s prognosis.
Caiden’s mother, Jennifer Call, was given news that no new mother expects to hear — that her newborn baby would have only two months to live.
On January 26, 2010, her water broke at only 33.5 weeks into her pregnancy. Five days later, on January 31, Caiden was born, weighing only 3.5 pounds due to his prematurity.

A clear majority of his health issues stemmed from having CHARGE syndrome, a rare disorder that arises during early fetal development that affects multiple organ systems.

In Caiden’s case, even though he was born at 34 weeks gestational age, his abdomen had only grown to the size of 26 weeks gestation.

Caiden was transferred to a hospital 70 miles from his home in Ventura, and received care from Mattel Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles for two months until he was stable enough to go home.
The time his family spent in the NICU motivated the founders, Wayne and Sharleen Keller, friends of Jennifer parents, to help families in similar situations. It was this and other travel related issues such as paying $14 for parking every day and eating out for every meal that caused Wayne and Sharleen, to form Caiden’s Hope Foundation.

“Since our inception in June 2010, we have assisted over 500 families in all 50 states as well as families from international origins who required their premature infants to be transferred to the United States for treatment,” Executive Director Wayne Keller said.

Pre-registration forms, additional rally details, donation and sponsorship opportunities for the Caiden’s Hope Cinco de Mayo Road Rally are available on the website —, or you may email

You still have time to register, but don’t delay. The Rally is Saturday, May 4, starting in downtown Conroe at 11 a.m. and ending up at B52 Brewery.

If you just can’t join us for the Rally, at least come on out to B52 around 5 and join us. You’re sure to enjoy the evening, and no doubt will find plenty to bid on in our Silent Auction — signed guitars ***Even one by George Strait*** — and many other items!