Office Evolution August Spotlight-Zipporah Singleton with Radiant Purpose

Published 08/26/2020


Zipporah Singleton of Radiant Purposes is the Spotlight Business of the Month for August with Office Evolution in The Woodlands.

Zipporah partnered with Radiant Purpose in January 2017 to assist small businesses build their businesses. Clients come from many industries: medical, insurance, personal care, realtor, business services, direct sales, and other industries.

Radiant Purpose Inc. helps business owners leverage their current clientele to increase their bottom-line through consulting best practices and Business Development. They customize the process to specific businesses to become your Systems Specialist and “IDEA BULB” in your back pocket to come along side your and support you to blast through your indivisible glass ceiling with small tweaks in most cases. Go from idea to reality!

“We help teamed, entrepreneurs, and small business leverage their ideas and database to increase their bottom line, streamline their processes and balance their cash flow all while enjoying the life they what to live”, shared Zipporah. “I’ve been in business for over 20 years. When I move to Texas many business owners were not doing tasks to maintain their current clients. Clients are your best marketing team- use them to your advantage!

Listening for the client’s natural strengths and offering guidance to achieve their desired goals can be done less expensively than traditional business coaching through Radiant Purpose. The technique used ignites the passion business owners had when they originally launched their business to maintain the drive. Radiant Purpose stays with the business throughout their journey to keep the fuel burning staying on track.

Zipporah has personally started 7 different companies three of which are nonprofit 501c3 organizations. “As an author, industry trainer, and investor and I have traveled across the globe as a missionary learning from the relationship I made with business owners”, said Zipporah.

“I am proud of what has been achieved with some of my clients. I had one client who had never made more than $18,000 a year as a business owner. After working with me, she put the plans in action during a - month period and earned over $40,000 the first year!”

Office Evolution has offered Radiant Purpose a place to operate a small business and network with other members also officing at the venue. Support for your business is always available with industry leaders, and the space is affordable.
Many clients working with Zipporah are natural go-getters seeking to tweak their services and have an accountability partner. By sharing their dreams with Radiant Purpose, they focus on the correct resources to achieve their business goals. Free webinars and LIVE coaching are available in weekly CEO Cabinet to individual consultation and financial guidance.

Zipporah encourages all businesses to set up an appointment with her. “An owner or entrepreneur has no excuse because we offer a refund guarantee policy on services. We also donate 10% of our gross to support charities.”

Businesses can still get involved in the 2020-2021 Mentorship program by connecting with Zipporah Singleton by email at or call (281) 826-1560. Learn more about Radiant Purpose at Schedule appointments with Zipporah at Radiant Purpose is located at suite #250 in Office Evolution in Conroe.

Office Evolution is the contemporary, shared workplace provider now open at 525 Woodland Square Blvd, in Conroe off FM 1488 at Old Conroe Road in the Marcel Town Center. For more information, visit or call 936-270-1150. Follow them on Facebook,