Conroe Native Helps Spread Holiday Joy

By: Training Support Center Hampton Roads Public Affairs
| Published 12/14/2020


CONROE, TX - If you are in the military, most likely you have deployed during the holidays far away from family and friends.

Logistics Specialist 1st Class Dori Wingate, a native of Conroe, Texas and Training Support Center Hampton Roads (TSCHR), Northwest Annex Student Management, Site Leading Petty Officer, knows this first hand.

Both Wingate and her husband are active duty with 32 years of combined naval service and they have both deployed during the holidays.

“My husband just came home from a six month tour in South Korea right in time for the holidays. He left a few of his junior sailors (one on his first deployment), and I thought why not do something for the troops that can’t be home,” said Wingate.

Wingate decided she would coordinate a stocking-stuffing event for troops stationed in Africa, South Korea, and Spain. With the help of 250 local volunteers, 300 stockings were stuffed, 100 cards were hand made by local community member Josh King, Western Branch Intermediate 3rd and 5th grade students provided 250 cards and several donations were from the Western Branch community.

“LS1 Wingate has a mindset of inclusivity that is found in successful leaders,” said Chief Aviation Electrician Sarah McQuerry, TSCHR Northwest Student Management Site Leading Chief Petty Officer.

Volunteering is a foreign concept to many people. With job responsibilities and family duties, who really has free time? According to Wingate, nearly everyone does.

“We all have jobs and responsibilities,” said Wingate. “Giving back only takes one good deed at a time. It doesn’t matter how large or small the deed is. When you’re away from home during the holidays, a care package, card, or letter puts a smile on your face,' said Wingate. “It makes you feel like you are not forgotten. This doesn’t mean it has to come from someone you know, everything is appreciated.”

Not only did Wingate coordinate, stuff stockings, and mail the gifts, she donated $275 for postage and supplies

“I have friends that are supposed to take pictures for me as the packages are being handed out, I am so excited,” said Wingate. “I can’t wait to see the photos!”