Congressman Kevin Brady Announces Retirement During Economic Forum in The Woodlands

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 04/14/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX — United States Representative, Kevin Brady, announced that he is retiring at the completion of this term. He made this announcement at the 2021 Economic Outlook Conference in The Woodlands. Congressman Brady is the U.S. Representative for Texas's 8th congressional district, and has served since 1997.

“I am retiring as your congressman. This term, my 13th, will be my last,” he stated. “I set out originally to give you, my constituents, the representation you deserve, the effectiveness you want, and the economic freedom you need. I hope I delivered. It is a remarkable privilege to work for you in the US House of Representatives.”

“I have faith in you,” he continued. “I've seen up close how remarkable you are, and while I'm leaving Congress, I'm really excited about the future of our country. So let me finish this the right way: Thank you so much for all your support. God bless Texas and the United States of America.”