Texas Country Female Artist of the Year releases new song; will perform in Conroe on June 17

By: Amy Barnett
| Published 06/06/2022


CONROE, TX -- When it comes to songwriting, Morgan Ashley of College Station, the reigning Texas Country Female Artist of the Year, draws from real-life experiences – good or bad – to connect with her fans. Her new single, “Warning Label,” holds nothing back as it addresses the anxiety we often feel when in a troubled relationship. Ashley will perform “Warning Label” and her other Texas country hits with her full band at Pacific Yard House in Conroe on Friday, June 17, at 9pm.

“I wrote this song with a friend of mine after she discovered some toxic things about the guy she was dating. She said, ‘I wish I would have seen the signs. If he would have come with a warning label, I could have avoided all of this,’” said Ashley.

Ashley knew it was a great idea for a song, because so many people have thought – “If I had only known.”

When she sings, “I’d take you in small doses, avoid the explosives” – we know exactly who she is talking about. We’ve met him or her before and wish we could turn back time and stay away.

“One of my favorite lines is the bridge,” said Ashley. “I would have followed the precautions. I would have taken care of my heart, too. But now I’m dealing with the side effects of you.”

High-powered instrumentals complement the honest lyrics and Morgan’s powerhouse vocals. Country music fans and Texas radio are loving it.

“My goal with any song is to write about things my fans can relate to,” said Ashley. “To receive such a great response as soon as the song was released is a huge compliment; and it makes me think we got it right.”

“Warning Label” checks all the boxes, so download it today and crank it up.

Ashley’s June 17 performance at Pacific Yard House, located at 101 Metcalf Street in Conroe, will begin at 9pm. Visit pacificyardhouse.com for more information.