Shell USA, Inc. Contributes $250,000 to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Fiona Relief Efforts

By: Texas Gulf Coast Region Red Cross
| Published 10/11/2022


HOUSTON, TX -- Today Shell USA, Inc. has announced they will contribute $250,000 to the American Red Cross to assist with relief efforts after Hurricane Ian swept through Florida, the Carolinas and Georgia and Hurricane Fiona destroyed Puerto Rico.

“The need for relief and recovery support is vast in scale and we are proud to work with local agencies to help provide the services and supplies to neighbors and communities most in need,” said Shell USA President, Gretchen Watkins.

Hurricane Fiona made landfall in southwest Puerto Rico on September 18, knocking out power and causing extensive damage across the island that is still recovering from the impacts Hurricane Maria made five years ago. Ten days later, on September 28, Hurricane Ian made landfall on the gulf coast of Florida and moved across the state before going out to sea and then moving up the Atlantic coast. Millions have been directly impacted and the Red Cross continues to aid those who are recovering.

Thanks to the contribution made by Shell USA, Inc. the American Red Cross can provide food, shelter and comfort for people facing the heartbreaking devastation left behind by Hurricane Ian and Fiona.

“The thousands of volunteers on the ground across Florida, the Carolinas, Georgia and Puerto Rico are truly grateful for partners like Shell who led the way with pledging support in the early days of Hurricane Ian’s landfall,” said Reihaneh Hajibeigi, Regional Chief Development Officer, Texas Gulf Coast Region, American Red Cross. “Shell’s generosity allows our volunteers to have the resources they need to take care of many thousands who look to the American Red Cross for help when emergencies strike, and we wouldn’t be able to carry out our mission without partners like them.”

We encourage everyone to follow in Shell USA, Inc.’s footsteps and make a donation to the American Red Cross by calling 1-800-RED CROSS or visit our website