20 years in prison for Drive-By Tall Timbers shooter

By: Montgomery County District Attorney's Office - Brett Ligon
| Published 01/27/2023


CONROE, TX -- On Wednesday, January 25, 2023, Gregory Lamar Henderson, 32, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his role in a drive-by shooting at Tall Timbers apartments in Conroe, Texas. Assistant District Attorneys Ryan Fuller and Frances Tomasso presented the case.

Jurors heard evidence that in the early morning of December 21, 2021, gunfire ripped through an apartment in the Tall Timbers complex in Conroe. At the time, a mother and her four children were asleep inside. Patrol units and Detectives from the Conroe Police Department responded to the scene and collected evidence, including surveillance video. Careful analysis of the footage revealed that a maroon Lexus sedan carrying at least two individuals pulled into the location and stopped in front of the victim's apartment at approximately 2:30 a.m.. Seconds later, video surveillance captured more than a dozen muzzle flashes coming from the maroon Lexus just before the car sped away.

Investigators collected evidence at the scene and quickly determined that Henderson was involved. Conroe Police Detectives then obtained a search warrant for Henderson's residence. During the search, crime scene units collected Henderson's cell phone. After getting a second search warrant for the phone, investigators found messages sent and received that demonstrated that Henderson planned this dangerous shooting well in advance of the attack. Investigators also developed evidence of a possible motive for Henderson to have planned and carried out this offense. namely, that Henderson had a previous altercation with the brother of the woman whose apartment door he would later riddle with gunfire.

During the punishment phase, the Honorable Judge Lisa Michalk heard evidence of Henderson's criminal history. This history included a previous prison trip that enhanced his punishment range from a third-degree felony, two to ten years in prison, to a second-degree felony range, two years to twenty years in prison. Judge Michalk also heard from Detective Legge from Cleveland, Ohio, who testified that Henderson was responsible for a separate shooting in his jurisdiction in which the victim was shot five times in the back. Judge Michalk then sentenced Henderson to the maximum punishment allowable under Texas law which was twenty years in the Texas Department of Corrections. Judge Michalk further found that the allegation that Henderson used or exhibited a deadly weapon during this offense was true. As a result, Henderson will not be eligible for parole until he has served at least one-half of his sentence.

Prosecutor Frances Tommaso: 'This is a case that was made on the bravery of witnesses willing to speak the truth and good old fashioned police work. The Conroe Police Department did a thorough and professional investigation of this case, and did so in a way that ensured a sound conviction at trial. The residents of Tall Timbers specifically and the citizens of Montgomery County generally are all safer for their efforts.'

District Attorney Brett Ligon: 'It takes a special kind of coward, and a particularly dangerous kind of criminal, to fire bullets at a woman sleeping at home with her children. That behavior may be shrugged away in some places as every day life, but it will not be tolerated in this county.'