Montgomery County Courthouse

Hours of Operation:
  • Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Contact Information:
  • Phone:  936 756-0571    
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About Us

Welcome to Montgomery County Courthouse!

The Montgomery County Courthouse is located in downtown Conroe, Texas on the square. Originally built in 1936, the courthouse has had extensive changes over the years. When first built, all offices and courts were located in one building including the Montgomery County Jail which was located on the 4th and 5th floors. Montgomery County Courthouse is now comprised of four different buildings all of which are still located in downtown Conroe, Texas on the square. Each building is made up of different offices and courts to serve the citizens of Montgomery County, Texas.

Inside the Montgomery County Courthouse in Conroe, Texas are several offices and court rooms. These offices include Montgomery County District Clerk, Office of Indigent Defense, Managed Assign Council and Managed Assign Council for Child Protective Services (CPS). There are six district courts in the Montgomery County Courthouse which include 9th District Court, 221st District Court, 284th District Court, 410th District Court, 418th District Court and 435th District Court.

All buildings are secured with armed bailiffs from Montgomery County Sheriff's Department and contracted security officers whose job is to ensure safety of the courthouse buildings by searching a person's belongs and self by use of x-ray machines and metal detectors. Everyone entering the courthouse must go through security before being able to access the building. To better assist the bailiffs in keeping the buildings safe, there are rules that security must relay to the public to follow.

Security Rules:

No knives, no tools of any kind, no tweezers/nail files/cutical cutters/nail clippers with blades, no guns (even with a Consealed Handgun License aka CHL), no pepper spray, no handcuff keys without proof of valid law enforcement department identification and all steel toed shoes must removed and sent through the x-ray machine. Don't want belongings searched? Leave them outside. Please do NOT ask security to hold these items as they will not be able to return the items left inside of the building.

9th District Court
221st District Court
284th District Court
410th District Court
418th District Court
435th District Court


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