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Microsoft new holiday store to be located in The Woodlands Mall. Microsoft has announced that it will expand its retail locations to meet expected demand for new Microsoft-enabled devices this fall. The Woodlands Mall in Montgomery County, will be the only location in the Greater Houston area.
Conroe Today Staff
The Cut 'n Shoot Tourist Trap will have to relocate or liquidate. Like an episode from the “American Pickers,” the Cut n’ Shoot Tourist Trap Resale is a pickers paradise, but without a new location, it will be picked to pieces.
Conroe Today Staff
Donations, volunteers needed Bargain hunters will no longer have to sing the blues thinking the “Jazzy Junque & Other Great Stuff” fundraising sale is held only once a year.
Liz Grimm
To honor American G.I.'s, many of whom are coming home from Iraq this month, Baskins Work and Western Wear is offering a special discount just in time for the holidays.