Employees of Southwestern Energy lend a helping hand to shelter animals

By: Montgomery County Precinct 4 Commissioner Jim Clark
| Published 08/01/2016


Conroe, Texas − For some, an afternoon off of work is a chance to handle person business, but for employees of Southwestern Energy, it's a chance to give back to the community.

Approximately 20 management and staff members of Spring-based Southwestern Energy donated their time this week to help out at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. Volunteers set aside their high-tech capabilities to participate in a variety of low-tech projects, including washing dogs, cleaning the dog park and socializing a significant number of cats and dogs in need of human contact.

"It's a chance for us to get out of the office and do something good for the community," said Nikki Wachell, manager at Southwestern Energy. "It's community outreach, but it's also a good team building exercise for our staff."

Shelter director Dr. Todd Hayden praised the efforts of volunteers from Southwestern Energy, saying their efforts had a positive effect for both the shelter and the animals.

"They came to work and did a very good job," said Dr. Hayden, "but they also spent a lot of time caring for and interacting with the animals. We appreciate their efforts very much."

For more information on the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, located at 8535 Highway 242 in Conroe, visit www.mcaspets.org.

Photo captions:

Large: Nearly 20 employees from Southwest Energy donated their time to do volunteer work at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter this week.

Left to right...

Analyst Taryn Arredondo with Southwest Energy makes friends with one of the adoptable dogs at Montgomery County Animal Shelter.

Analysts Rance Lemieux, left, and Ryan Hall of Southwest Energy prepare to bathe two adoptable dogs at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.

Analysts Carly Adams, left, and Janette Edmond, take a break from volunteer work to socialize with a pair of cats at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.