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Saving to buy her first horse for her 10th birthday, Olivia Hubert began her lifelong love of riding with her dear friend and partner, Glory, a grade Paint horse.
Andrea Czobor
The Woodlands Children's Museum Representatives from Strike visited The Woodlands Children's Museum recently to present a $6,000 donation to the nonprofit museum's Read-A-Lot Kingdom exhibit where literacy programs take center stage.
A seizure dog will help notify Madison's parents when she is having seizures so they can administer her rescue medication and prevent as much brain damage as possible while also protecting Madison from hurting herself.
Rumisha Rice
Excess candy to be forwarded to Operation Gratitude. Got candy? Dr. Jennine Huet's dental practice is hosting a candy buy-back program for the third straight year.
J. Werner
Halloween is here! From trick-or-treating and attending costume parties, to carving pumpkins and going to local seasonal events, enjoy the holiday while also following these safety tips to ensure a memorable and safe Halloween.
C. Pilgrim
Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 16, individuals and groups of all ages and fitness levels will begin a 27-day “Miracle Marathon” to improve their own health while supporting their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital.
Landmark peanut immunotherapy trial to try desensitization. Researchers at Texas Children's Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine are embarking on a landmark peanut immunotherapy trial, using a process known as desensitization where patients swallow tiny, increasing amounts of peanut over time.
Christy Brunton of Texas Children's Hospital
Lone Star College-Montgomery’s Discovery College is building children’s minds—literally, after a successful week of Woodworking Camp! Part of the productivity is due, however, to the generosity of the Magnolia/West Woodlands Home Depot.
Jennifer Kramer
Prelude Family Concerts at The Woodlands Children's Museum, Aug. 13 and Sept. 3 The Woodlands Children’s Museum will turn into a concert hall this fall – when the Prelude Family Concert series takes the stage.
There’s still time to reserve a spot in a summer workshop at The Woodlands Children’s Museum – and make the most of your child’s time off from school.
The Woodlands LearningRx Smart Apps for Summer: The Woodlands LearningRx Suggests Seven Free Brain-Building Apps for Tweens.
The Woodlands Children's Museum Art at The Woodlands Children’s Museum: State of the Art Exhibit.
'How To Train Your Dragon 2' lives up to its adorable predecessor. We begin with an updated view of the village of Berk.
Rowan Walrath
'How To Train Your Dragon 2' lives up to its adorable predecessor. We begin with an updated view of the village of Berk.
Rowan Walrath
The Woodlands LearningRx Suggests Ways to Prevent the Summer Brain Drain Kim Bellini, owner and director of The Woodlands LearningRx and a former teacher, understands that the summer is a great break from school to recharge and reconnect with family, but it doesn’t have to be a break from learning.
The Woodlands Children's Museum starts celebrating the holiday season early: The museum sets up shop at the 12th Annual Fall Home & Garden Show The Woodlands, Saturday and Sunday, August 23 and 24
There are several ways The Woodlands LearningRx can help homeschoolers, the brain-training center’s owner and director, Kim Bellini, explained.
Fourth graders declare war on childhood cancers one cup of lemonade at a time. Sacred Heart Catholic School fourth graders declared war on cancer, serving lemonade for donations and raising more than $2,000 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation that helps fund childhood cancer research one cup at a time.
J. Werner
The Woodlands Children’s Museum marks improvements and looks ahead to 2014 Many changes at The Woodlands Children’s Museum have taken place over the past 12 months.
The Playtex Hip Hammock is an infant carrier designed to strap the baby against the caregiver’s body at the hip.
Consumer Product Safety Commission